VXDiag VCX DoNet Remote Diagnosis Setting Guide on Wechat

The DoNet remote diagnosis mode only requires a single client VCX device to realize multi-brand original software direct connection to remote vehicle diagnosis. This article introduces the steps of using DoNet remote diagnosis with VXdiag VCX device i.e VXDIAG VCX SE (vcx se pro, vcx se bmw, vcx se jlr, vcx se benz). Same procedure goes to vcx doip series.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 01

If don’t have Wechat, follow DoNET setting via phone explorer directly here.




  • Prepare the computer with original software.
  • Confirm that the latest VXManager client software and the original diagnostic driver have been installed.
  • Confirm that the computer has a stable and fast network connection (wired network connection is recommended).


  • Connect the VCX device to the vehicle.
  • Confirm that the vehicle is powered by a stable power source.
  • Confirm that the device has stable and fast network connection (wired network connection is recommended).


  1. Follow the official account

Scan the QR code or open WeChat to search for ” DoNet 远程诊断平台” and follow.


Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 02


Click [智能诊断] to enter the remote diagnosis platform.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 03


  1. Configure user information

User information needs to be configured for the first use. Please fill in the mobile phone number to facilitate contact between you and VXDIAG engineer.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 04

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 05


  1. Bind Device

The VCX device serial number needs to be bound for the first use.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 06


  1. Configure Device Network

For remote diagnosis, the device needs to be connected to the Internet, and click [Configure Device Network].


Select the device network connection method and follow the on-screen guide to complete the network configuration.

There are several methods to connect:

Wired network connection

Wireless network connection

Mobile hotspot network connection

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 07


Configure Hotspot

1) Just simple click on “Next” and follow the on-screen guide to complete Hotspot configuration.


Please connect VCI to vehicle or power supply.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 08


2) Open [Settings -Wifi -Hotspot], Turn on Hotspot and set the name and password as: DiagOnNet.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 09


3) Press the button (Fn) for 3 seconds to enter NetConfig mode, wait about 30 seconds to hear the buzzer, then the network is successfully connected.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 10

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 11


Configure wired network connection:

1). Make sure that the VXIDAG VCI is connected to the vehicle or the power supply and it works properly.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 12


2). Use a USB TYPE-C to RJ-45 network port cable to connect the device, and then use a CAT-6 network cable to connect the device to the router.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 13


3). Press the Fn button of the device for 2 seconds to enter the network configuration mode, and wait for about 30 seconds until you hear the device buzzer “beep” to complete the network configuration.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 14


*Please ensure that the Internet connection is stable and fast, when the network speed delay is less than 100ms,it is recommended to choose the wired network first.


  1. Configure network connection successfully

After the device is successfully connected to the Internet, the home page will display information including the device serial number, voltage, network, and speed.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 15


  1. Share [Remote ID]

Click on [Remote ID] to copy the ID and send it to the server, and wait for the server to start remote.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 16


Next is VX Manager operation

  1. Open the VX Manager device management software and click on “Remote”.
  2. View remote device information

Input the correct [Remote ID] and click [Refresh Device], you can see that the client device has been connected normally.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 17

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 18

  1. Connect to the remote device

Click [Connect Device] to start to establish a remote connection.

  1. The remote connection is successful

After the remote connection is successful, the VX Manager software will automatically restart, and you can see that the device information has been read through the DoNET remote interface.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 19

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 20

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 21

  1. Start remote diagnosis

After the remote connection is successful, you can use the original software for remote diagnosis, coding, programming and other operations.

After the diagnosis is completed, you need to click [Disconnect] on the [Remote Diagnosis] page to release the remote device.

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 22

Donet Super Remote Diagnosis 23