VXDIAG VCX SE BMW ISTA 4.46 Cannot Identify Vehicle ?


I got the vxdiag vcx se BMW firmware and license updated, but still cannot communicate with vehicle. Software version ISTA+ 4.46.21. Any solution?

Vxdiag Bmw Ista 4.46 Driver 1 Vxdiag Bmw Ista 4.46 Driver 2

Possible solutions from vxdiagshop.com:

ISTA 4.46 requires latest BMW driver.

VXDIAG Update BMW Driver for ISTA-D 4.46 and Adds Analysis Diagnostic Mode

Update BMW ICOM driver in VX Manager.

How To Reinstall VXDIAG BMW Driver 2

Then update firmware and license.

If still not communicate, reinstalling BMW driver will fix the problem.