VXDIAG VCX SE Subaru 2016 Forester Review

Here’s new Subaru scanner feedback and review from one of our customers.


I have a working bi-directional scan/diagnostic tool.  The device is a VXDIAG VCX SE model, made by Allscanner, a Chinese company and it was purchased from vxdiagshop.com. I chose a Toyota and Honda “license” for it as well. Total including shipping from China, was just under $250.  The Autel I looked at had very limited bi-directional support for Subaru; mostly “read-only”. So i decided to get this vxdiag.


It works on Subaru with a copy of SSM3/SSM4. The SSM “Patch” provided doesn’t appear to work with Win10; I’ll try win7 later. I like Win7 way better than Win10 in any event.


The SSM4 will connect to my 2016 Forester, and it is bi-directional; the only thing I have done so far is activate the horn, and work the door locks, but for that to happen, it has to be talking to the cars CANBUS, and working is working. SSM4 is not at all intuitive to use, and there doesn’t appear to be anything like an instruction manual available for it, so be prepared for a steep learning curve.

I haven’t tried the Techstream/Honda software with the VXDIAG device yet, but the TIS v.7 I have on another box works just fine, and it isn’t real difficult to learn.

I was able to put Windows7 on the Win10 laptop. It wasn’t trivial, but it did activate.
I was able to install the SSM3/SSM4/VXDIAG_Manager software, and the “Patch” works as advertised under Win7.
I was able to connect to the Forry, run assorted diagnostics, see “live” parametric data, etc. I found the instruction manuals for the SSM* software, and I guess I’ll have to RTFM at some point.
All good, but randomly when trying to connect, the car CANBUS has a fit about something. The instrument panel lights up like a Christmas Tree, the VXDIAG refuses to connect, and after shutting down and disconnecting everything, the car has the CEL on when re-started. A generic OBDII scanner finds the following DTCs:
U0101, U0122, U0073, U0155.
All CANBUS “communication” errors. The scanner will clear these DTCs, but they are listed as “permanent”, and they come right back. Driving the car a bit does clear them, and then the VXDIAG device will connect again. I pulled the car OBD connector loose, and gave it a good once-over; it looked fine.

$250 is a very nice price compared to sourcing an official tool from Subaru (~$3,000 for the Denso device, plus $1500/yr subscription for SSM software :p).