VXDIAG BMW ISTA 4.34 4.33 Firmware Error?


I got the vxdiag vcx se BMW, when connecting to ISTA 4.34, it says need a firmware update, where can I get firmware for the connector?

First tried Version 4.34.31. I also tried a 4.33.xx version and got the same firmware error.

Vxdiag Ista Firmware Error 1

Vxdiag Ista Firmware Error 2


VXDIAG default ISTA (ISTA+) goes to V4.32. BMW driver is not update-to-date to support 4.33 or 4.34 above version.

You will be informed once there is a new BMW driver version.

It is recommended to get the vxdiag bmw hdd instead.


May 2022 Updated: vx manager now adds BMW driver to support ISTA 4.32 and later version.

Vxdiag Bmw Icom Driver