VXDIAG VCX SE vs. VCX Multi Tool Hardware

VXdiagshop.com here provides table comparison between vxdiag vcx se and multi tool series scanner.  Hope it helps.

Photo Vcx Se 1 Vcx Multi
Item NO. SP361, SP341, SP304-C, SP355, SP367SP379VX05-W1VX16-D VX01-W, HKVX05-W, VX10, VX11, VX11-B, VX15, VX17-B
Supported Brands on Sale for Benz, for BMW, for Ford/Mazda, GM, VW 3 in 1 (Optional), for JLR, for Full brands for Ford/Mazda, GM, VW 3 in 1 (Optional), for Subaru, for BMW, for Benz, for JLR DoIP, for Full Brands
Reset Button Vcx Se Reset Button Vxdiag Vcx Reset 1Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 1
Package List VCI, USB cable

Vcx Se Package

VCI, USB cable, OBD2 Cable, Lan Cable

Vxdiag Vcx Package

Connection Method USB, WIFI, DONET, Type C connection USB, WIFI, LAN, DONET (SN V52XP*** Not Support)
Weight 0.5kg 4.5kg
Serial Number V94SE***, S94BM***, S94JL*** V52XP***, V71XN***, V83XD***, V94XD***
Add License V94SE*** can
S94BM*** & S94JL*** Only add DONET
All Can, But V52XP*** cannot Add Benz, BMW, DoIP and DONET license
DoIP Yes V52XP*** Cannot ADD, Others Can
Software Update Download Link & HDD (Benz, BMW software update by HDD) Download Link & HDD (Benz, BMW software update by HDD)
Firmware Update Free Online via VX Manager Free Online via VX Manager