Will VXDIAG VCX SE Nissan do Reprogramming?


My vxidag vcx se Nissan scanner with Consult III plus v226 software will access Qashqai MY2020, diagnostic just fine, when try to reprogram a module, it failed me. The Reprogram button is gray. Will vxdiag Nissan do module programming?

Vxdiag Nissan Reprogram Button Gray


VXDIAG with Nissan license does diagnostics function only.

To program/reprogram Nissan ECU/modules you need online subscription from Nissan official, same as other brands Toyota, Honda, Benz ect.

You cannot do programming without OEM subscription.

The VCX SE can be used as J2534 passthru with Consult III plus or NERS (2018+ Nissan) OEM subscription for programming.