VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Program FSCM Fuel System Module Review

VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Scanner Customer review in April 2024:

“I used this to program a FSCM (fuel system control Module). This is done using the Techline Connect software that come from GM and is legit GM software. You do not need to install the GDS2 software for this. You only need to install the VX manager to update the VX nano and to make sure the driver is running for pass-through.

I created a windows 10 Pro installation for this to keep my personal data safe. That took me the same amount of time as installing the software. I had to mess around learning about Techline connect and ended up uninstalling provided VXdiag software to install GM legit software. Techline connect does this automatically and will uninstall VX Diag software anyways, but I wanted it clean.

For diagnostics I cloned the Windows 10 Pro install and put the VXdiag sofware on its own install. Its as easy as just turning off your firewall and following the online instructions for turning off Disable Driver Signature Enforcement.

I am able to use the VXDiag software to trouble shoot and be sure the issues was just the new Module not coming with it’s software. It was talking to ECU ect and they tested with no issues. I was concerned as the microprocessor that had aluminum corrosion short it out has the trace lines going to the pins that go out on the connector and I was concerned about contagion of the short to other modules.

I am glad GM allowed this to work for a fee of 59.00 CND for a licenses for module programing. For me the tow truck trip would have been way to expensive and the truck would have been garbage. I also used hotspot off my cell phone to run the internet for the GM pass through.

My truck was stuck on the side of the road at a friends house for a month thanks to GM’s really dumb system. I’m not sure why they would design the stuff to require programming at installation.

For FSCM, I wonder if the doorman one works without programing. It kind of looked like it. Hope this helps someone.”