VXDIAG VCX FD, VCX SE or Cheap Openport for TIS HDS SSM?

Entry Question:
I have a fleet of Vehicles ford/bmw/Honda/toyota/Subaru/GM
And I’m looking for a scan tool that can do it all diagnostics + programming immo keys.

I am familiar with Toyota Techstream. New to the other makes  HDS,ssm3/ssm4 and I am interested in learning and running OEM-specific software. 

I’m thinking I should just wait for the vxdiag VCX FD till more car manufacturers are available. But I’m tempted to get the VCX SE for the time being. 

And I’m wondering if I can get by with just the mini vci 2.0.4 and or the Tatrix Openport 2.0


  1. VCX CAN FD  (only supports GM ford/Mazda)
  2. VCX SE (License transferable to FD in a later date)
  3. Mini VCI 2.0.4
  4. Real legit original  Tacrix Openport 2.0




If need to diagnose Toyota, Mini VCI should be ok. But it will not let you program any modules. It won’t program TPMS.

Openport was tested working with Techstream, HDS, SSM etc. Clones exist for $20ish but will get fried if they get a firmware update. Requires replacement of some resistors on the board if you get the clone, but supposedly can be updated to the latest firmware then. Reports on compatibility are varied as they seem to be used primarily in the Subaru world, but most techstream functions should work. But it won’t work as J2534 passthru with OEM software to perform online programming.

VCX SE is the same as VCX CAN FD. The CAN FD series adds CAN FD protocols (on latest GM, Ford ect)

It is good to get the vcx se at present. vcx se can also be used as J2534 device for OEM programming.

Mini VCI vs VCX SE:

vxdiag will program TPMS, mini vci no, it is a all known issue.

VXDIAG VCX NANO, Mini VCI or Openport for Lexus

openport Honda vs VCX SE:

openport honda only works with HDS, vcx se also works with i-HDS + J2534Rewrite.


openport Subaru vs VCX SE

VCX SE will program IMMO keys for Subaru, openport SSM does not.