Does VXDIAG VCX SE Nissan Need diagnostictool.ini?

Can I please get the “DiagnosticTool.ini” for the VXDIAG VCX NANO or VCX SE Nissan scanner?


Here is the clue.

These Nissan versions does not need diagnostictool.ini registry.
There is nothing in it thats edited for the device.
The VXDIAG Nissan devices are working with loader and you must have the lisence for nissan activated.



If you use non-Nissan version VCX SE or VCX Plus, you can use it as j2534 for Nissan Consult 3 plus.

You modify registry and DiagnosticTool.ini file to add your interface name exactly as it is in the registry.


How to Configure VXDIAG J2534 with Nissan Consult III Plus?

But better use VXDIAG Nissan as an emulator (with loader) rather than J2534 device.


Here is our VXDIAG Nissan emulator user feedback:
Everything works very well if buy an additional license for the vcx see Nissan, everything works fine, the ignition is determined, working with k-line blocks, can, diagnostics according to the DDL protocol does not last, respectively, cars since 2000 can work with some ECUs, excellent work.