Will VXDIAG BMW scanners diagnose Motorcycles?


I recently bought a VXDIAG VCX SE  and a software HDD. I installed the HDD in a Lenovo ThinkPad x230 as a main drive. Unfortunately, I also installed the driver from the CD included with the VCX SE unit as a PassThrough. I think that was a mistake.

Anyway, I’m able to run ISTA+ and connect to my 2018 BMW R1200GS Adventure, but only in BMW/Mini mode. The BMW/Motorrad mode does not read the vehicle information.

In the BMW/Mini mode I’m able to perform service functions (like changing the date/milage until next service), but I’m unable to do any programming. I bought the unit for that functionality, to be able to reprogram my retrofit LED turn signals.

Any guidance will be much appreciated!

Yes, I run ISTA-D. When you open it, it says ISTA+ on top, but it is the ISTA-D program. I can’t program my motorcycle in the 4.17.13 version provided, only can perform service functions. The error says:

“Faulty ICOM connection. The programming scopes are therefore not available. The possible cause is an incorrect ICOM connection sequence.””

Is your device unable to program motorcycles?




If your BMW motorcycle equipped with standard OBD2 socket, vxdiag vcx se will perform diagnosis function. But programming need luck.


My bike (2018 BMW R1200GS) has the OBD2 connector. no need for the 10 pin round adapter.

I was able to successfully reset reminder date for the next 6000 miles service, but I didn’t try anything else there. I was mostly interested in reprogramming my LED turn signals (which wa impossible).


If your motor has 10 PIN diagnostic socket, vxdiag scanners (VCX SE BMW, vcx bmw, vxdiag full) will not work on 10-PIN motors.

VXDIAG scanner does not allow to connect to a extra converter.


Which tool will diagnose and program BMW motor bikes?

Better use ICOM D 10-PIN Cable.

To connect BMW motorcycle interface with OBD 16pin side and to connect motorcycle with 10pin side.

It should be used with BMW ICOM A1 and BMW ICOM A2 scanner, can test all BMW motorcycle. Can do all functions including
diagnostic and program.


Contact www.vxdiagshop.com if you are interested.