VXDIAG VCX SE Type-C and OBD Extension Cable what used for?

Dear Vxdiag VCX SE user: do you notice there are two new cables available: one is Type-C cable, another is OBD extension cable. Generally speaking, they are used for working together with the VXDIAG VCX SE series scanners to perform DoNET remote diagnosis.


Look at the image of Type-C USB to LAN cable:

Vcx Se Type C Cable 01


Look at the image of OBD extension cable:

Vcx Se Obd Cable 02

These 2 adapters are not necessity and not included in the package in default.  Type C converter is used when your computer does not have a USB port, but with LAN Port. The Type-C converter can be used to connect to the PC with USB cable provided with the VCX SE device.

Vcx Se Type C Cable 03

Type C

The 1.2m OBD extension cable is used to connect VCX SE interface to the car by OBD2 to achieve an extended effect.