Possible to Make VXDIAG work with Suzuki SDT2?


I have seen people use Suzuki SDT-2 software with Ford VCM2 clone. Will VXDIAG Ford / Mazda work with STD2 Suzuki? Do you know how to make my VXDIAG work with SDT2?



If it works with Suzuki, you can try to install the file that emulates the ford or mazda machine and then copy the drivers in the suzuki folder to see if it is working.

Unfortunately, we have customers tested and confirmed it won’t work with vxdiag ford, only Suzuki VCM (or Ford VCM2.)


Test and Report:

I have Allscanner VXDIAG VCX Plus. It is supporting Toyota/Honda/Ford/Mazda. So I did try to install SDT according to VCM2 Instructions. In first step installing STD2 the program asking to connect VCM. I did connect my Allscanner VXDIAG. But the STD@ program say” Couldn’t find VCM. In this situation I can’t install STD2.




VXdiag devices are not be compatible with Suzuki sdt2.