Chevy Bolt Radio Module Programming by VXDIAG VCX NANO GM SPS2

User review on Chevy Bolt Radio Module Programming using VXDIAG VCX NANO GM and SPS2.
“It is a Chevy Bolt 2017. The infotainment system not functioning. The screen worked but it would always freeze at the “Bolt EV” logo.

I took it to the dealer they told that the radio module was bad and needed to be replaced. The quote was for $2400.

That seemed high so I looked for alternatives. I found a supposedly new radio module on eBay for $85 so I decided to fix it myself. Although the radio module lives behind the glovebox, it can only be removed upward, requiring the entire dashboard to be removed. With the help of the GM service manual, I tackled the job and eventually got the radio module replaced. The system now works but it seems like there is some radio module specific programming or updating that needs to be done. The screen now has buttons to control heated seats, an option my car does not have, and when I plug my phone into the USB, it will treat it as an iPod but it won’t activate CarPlay. It seems like my options are to get a GDS2 adapter and attempt the programming myself or pay the dealer more money to do it for me.

Chevy Bolt Radio Module Programming

To finish the story, I ended up purchasing a VXDIAG VCX Nano GM scanner and paid $45 for a two year subscription for my VIN so I can apply updates myself. The process, especially with software and drivers for the VCX Nano, is not for the faint of heart but I eventually got the computer connected to the car and got an update applied to the radio module. Everything is working as it should now and I didn’t have to give the dealer any more money!

Total breakdown:
$300 to dealer to evaluate the problem and tell me the radio module was bad
$85 for a replacement radio module from eBay. Listing said it was new but I’m pretty sure it had been in a car previously. There were preset radio stations. The radio module is not VIN locked.
$109 for the VXDIAG VCX Nano from
$45 for the AC Delco subscription for my VIN

Cheapest quote from dealer, with GM Assistance, was $1623.90 including the $300 evaluation fee.
I count it up as a win!”