VXDIAG VCX NANO Tech2win Not Working on Surface Pro Win10?


I tried to install vxdiag vcx nano gm software on three of my Surface Pro 2017 models (Windows 10 Pro 32bit) Everything would work except the Tech2win software. CANDI not connected. Not matter what I tried. When launching Tech2 the popup to choose connection to the MDI wasn’t appearing. I looked everywhere for the usb drivers with no luck.



Possible reason and solution:

The issue with the Surface is they all have a usb-c port…and only 1 port and the tech2win software when it loads it also loads a usb driver.

The driver with the tech2win software is not compatible with the surface drivers. Some users have even tried to load different drivers in the surface in the usb port with no luck. But the surface will load and run GDS without issue. It even see’s the vcx nano in the gds software.


Some very old software like Tech2Win also has to be happy with the emulated serial port, the Windows version must allow proper control of the emulated hardware to the old program, etc. A lot of little factors that can make these things painful. Part of the reason you will still keep an older laptop that has a real serial port (and runs Windows 7, tech2win prefer 32bit).



User report:

I got it to work with another laptop running Windows 10 Pro.
I think the problem is that the Surface Pro runs a usb 3.0 port and the other laptop has a 2.0 port. So if you only have a 3.0 port you may run into issues. A possible workaround would be a usb port splitter that supports usb 2.0.