VXDIAG VCX NANO Forscan Cannot Connect to Vehicle Solution


After connected vxdiag vcx nano Ford interface and run Forscan, it reads vehicle information, but software shutted down suddenly.

Then i tried to reconnect vcx nano, this time it failed to connect to vehicle and let me turn on the ignition switch. But actually the ignition switch is on ON position and interface is well connected with vehicle. What can i do?



VXDIAGShop solution:

1.Check if you have installed the PASSTHRU driver.

Passthru driver is used as J2534 device and Ford for IDS.


2.Check the VXManager driver version.

If you have installed the PASSTHRU driver and still cannot make communication, check the VXmanager.

If the latest VX Manager failed to connect, use the older version VX driver.


Better run Forscan as administrator and select J2534 adapter as VXDIAG



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