Will VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford work with Forscan Software?

As titled, Possible to run Forscan software on vxdiag vcx nano Ford interface?



Customer feedback:


This works well with ForScan. It allowed me to re-program the TPMS pressure setting on my 2017 Ford Transit 150 for the 18 inch tires that were installed as part of the VAN conversion.



I can add that regarding the VCX Nano for ford/mazda, I took mine apart and no bluetooth module is present. The bluetooth capabilities advertised on the main Allscanner site it not accurate. I can not speak for the WIFI version but I have the usb version and have used it with my 2003 Mazda 6 V6 and after installing the “pass-thru” driver (J2534) it works perfectly and fast with FORSCAN.



The VCX Nano I took apart seems to be a custom design to emulate in hardware part of the hardware/software of the VCM II but the driver is most important too. I did not take pictures but gently peeling down the stickers reveals 4 screws. Once inside it is a very simple board with a ST micro cortex M4 STM32F4 Series based micro controller doing the work. The FT serial to usb chip-set and some caps and a space that was blank for I assume either the WIFI or Bluetooth module. I googled the device and did see a Russian site where a guy took apart a VW version and it had more chips and and older generation micro-controller.
Soldering looks like reasonable quality surface mount and no hand work or redo’s.


First of all install VCXManager and this driver:


And second configure ForScan how this image:
Its run perfectly

Update your VCX manager and drivers to the latest version.

Where can you get the vxdiag manager driver?
You can download driver from vxdiagshop.com “Download” column.