VXDIAG GM GDS2/Tech2win Setup Review 2023

We got new feedback from one of our customers on vxdiag vcx nano gm gds2 and tech2win software setup. Hope it helps.


Download the software from there.


Here is the most recent divers and software you could find.


One of the files is going to be an ISO file. IDK if you have dealt with these files before. You will need a program like WinRAR to open the ISO and extract the GDS2 folder and the Tech2Win folders.

Install GDS2 using the GDS2AutoInstall.exe file. It will take some time to do depending on your machine speed. so be patient.
Install Tech2Win using the AutoInstall.exe file. This install will go faster.

One of the other 3 files you are going to download is going to be the latest version of the VX Manager. extract the installer from the zip file and run it.

The last file you will download is a patch for GDS2. this patch is what gets rid of the lease limitation. so extract the file in the zip and run that one.

If you are running Windows 10 you MUST disable driver signing enforcement.
Make sure you follow each step along with rebooting the computer.

Once that is done then you will want to plug in your VCX Nano. It will install the drivers if it complains about the drivers not being signed click the option to install them.

Once that is done then you want to open the VCX Manager. You MUST have the VCX Manager open any time you want to use Tech2Win or GDS2. Once you have the manager open you will need to connect the manager to the device. I don’t have my device in front of me or the software installed on this computer. I am sure you will be able to figure out how to connect it.

Once you have the device connected to the manager then you can open up Tech2Win. It is going to perform some self tests and then it should be working. If memory serves when you select the year of the vehicle it is then going to ask you the vehicle type. This is going to be “M” I think for the Solstice. This blog explains the vehicle selection process when using Tech2Win.

Instruction for GM Tech2Win Menu Selection