VXDiag VCX NANO change TPMS Sensor Values for Toyota 2014 LC: Working


TPMS question on 2014 LC.

I leave my winter tires on my stock wheels with stock TPMS sensors. I purchased the Carista reader and pulled the stock TPMS codes, all 7 digit codes.

I bought a set of Tundra Wheels that came with new TPMS sensors and had my AT tires mounted and had the foresight to right down the codes. However they are all 8 digit codes.  I was hoping Tech Stream or another program could get the 8 digit code entered.

Am I out of luck with getting an 8 digit TPMS sensor programmed to my LC?

Worst case, I will pull the tires, pop a bead and install new TPMS sensors but was hoping to avoid that.

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Answer to ” I bought a set of Tundra Wheels that came with new TPMS sensors…”

Tundra uses different TPMS sensors, so they won’t work. I believe they are 325hertz vs 315. You can get programmable ones to “clone” the stock ones you have, or buy another set of 200 compatible sensors and program those.


I had some of the same issues and ended up going to Discount Tire where I have purchased tires for years. They were able to knock it out in 5 mins, after I tried for hours on Carista. they had an extra digit. I don’t think they were the same ones you have but not sure what the difference would have been.

These are the ones I bought:

Toyota TPMS Sensor Replaces OE # 42607-33011 315 mhz

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One more question: Is Mini VCI the current best link to purchase TechStream? any replacement?

I’ve used Mini VCI J2534 OBD2 scanner for Toyota /Lexus and other automotive software for years on MacBook pros in a virtual machine running windows (or in bootcamp). I had a cheap version of the cable for a while but it didn’t let me do things like change TPMS sensor values. I have a VXDiag cable now and it works great.


This one is what I have.

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I also have a mini vci cable, but found it limited in what I could do. I haven’t used it once since I got the VXDiag vcx nano version. I had purchased it directly from the VXDIAG website last year because it wasn’t available on Amazon at the time.


I purchased the VXDIAG VCX Nano with Techstream V15.00.026 for $70. It works great. I had a spare copy & license of Windows 7 laying around that I wasn’t using, so I installed it on a virtual machine (using Virtual Box). It all worked without a hiccup. Going through screens in Techstream is pretty quick, too, especially compared to what people describe in all the other threads that use the older non-Nano cables.

After I got it all set up, I noticed that VXDIAG also offers a VMWare Player image, but I haven’t tried it out.

Here are some applicable links from their website that were helpful, but weren’t obvious at first:

VMWare Player image, and
VX Manager download (the driver that allows the USB device to be identified and work):


Installation instructions:



The USB-only version (this is what I got):



They also have a VXDIAG Nano Toyota WIFI version, but that seems like security problem in my opinion, making my laptop connect to the device WIFI. You can find it on their website if you’re interested in it.


Hope it helps!