Cannot Run Ford IDS from VXDIAG VX Manager??


I buy a vxdiag all in one PC+ Ford Mazda with software pre-installed.  But i cannot work with it or maybe i don’t know how to begin the program.

I have installed the VX Manager driver and run IDS software from Diagnostic tab.

After press Run button, IDS software won’t start and brings me Program Files folder. Any idea what can i do?

Start Vxdiag Ford Ids 1 Start Vxdiag Ford Ids 2 Start Vxdiag Ford Ids 3 Start Vxdiag Ford Ids 4 Start Vxdiag Ford Ids 5 Solution:

Don’t start IDS from VX Manager.

If VX Manager can recognize the vcx nano. Close the driver.
Then run “IDS_Patch” on desktop and test car directly.

No its ok. Thanks a lot for your support. Work very good.