[Solution 2] VXDIAG VX Manager Offline cannot Renew License Solution

In the previous post we provide the solution to vxdiag vx manager offline cannot renew license problem on real host machine. Here we share a customer solution on real/VMware machine if it is still not working by changing DNS to


I think by “Offline” it means “unable to reach vxdiag website(s) on the internet”. Try this:
1. On same pc (real or virtual) where you are running VX Manager, open a web-browser, either GoogleChrome and/or IE.
2. In the browser, verify you are actually on internet. One way is to search for “news” and see if it brings up today’s news.
3. If not on internet at all, run the internet troubleshooter (in settings on windows), and/or somehow get on the internet. Maybe re-install VMware tools. Also verify time and date are correct. I use “Mange: Virtual Machine Settings”: Options: VMware Tools: (enable) “Synchronize guest time with host” (gives guest correct system time even if guest not on internet).
4. Once on the internet, see if you open each of these websites:
A: VXDIAG https://www.vxdiag.net
B: http://www.vxdiag.net/ (http not https) http://www.vxdiag.net
C: http://www.vxdiag.net/managecenter/download/vxdiag.zip

Note that A, being https, will have lock/secure icon by URL and if you cannot reach A, then that website might be blocked by your DNS server as some files there seem to contain malware. The malware is why the VXDIAG have you change DNS server to, but you should then reboot and also do ipconfig /flushdns like so:
Right click on the start menu and choose either Command Prompt (Admin) or PowerShell (Admin) from the menu.
Type in the command
ipconfig /flushdns

If does not help, try setting primary and secondary DNS servers to and (works for me). Or take laptop to various public wifi spots until you find one that lets you reach A, B, and C.

Once you reach A, then you hopefully can also reach B and/or C. Note B and C, being just http (not https), will have “Not secure” icon, but ignore any warnings. C should offer to download vxdiag.zip file. On my win10-64 vm, with all updates and newest chrome, I am still able to download the vxdiag.zip file without problem. If you cannot download it in chrome, try internet explorer or edge, etc. If one browser allows download, temporarily set that as your default browser. For more info google “block some HTTP file downloads starting with Chrome 83” (or similar http file download topics).

WARNING: When all steps below are done, be sure to (re)set your default browser to Google Chrome, as the GM Techline folks warned me only Chrome works for TechLine Connect! (I did all steps below with Chrome as my default browser, but YMMV). I think the ability to download from http (not just https) websites is needed by VXManager to do firmware upgrade(s), Update license(s), etc, and if http downloads are somehow blocked, it gives you “offline” error. (Eventually I would think the VXDIAG folks would make everything available on https URL instead of just http.)

I would think once you can reach A, B, and C then VXmanager should no longer display “Offline” error, and be able to do firmware updates. Use newest VXmanager as of today 2022-04-02 is VX Manager (2021-12-24) in the 69.4meg vxdiag.zip file. Then repeat the firmware update until it completes without error and you have newest firmware, which is v1.9.0.0 as of today per update history at http://www.vxdiag.net/managecenter/fws/update.txt Repeat it even if it says you already have v1.9.0.0 just to be sure. I would think the licenses should all update as well… all 4 of my licenses say 203012-30 (8 years from now). Good luck, and patience. Perseverance furthers.)
P.S. As others found out, it may be best to try from scratch with new vmware virtual machine.’

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