VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota Techstream 2019 Rx350 EPB Reset Success

I am driving a 4th generation Lexus 2019 Rx350. My EPB malfunctioned after trying to replace the rear brake pads myself. I am looking for a good Techstream cable to reset EPB.

I read a lot of reviews, I got a VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA TIS Techstream from vxdiagshop.com $95+tax today. It is working perfectly. Windows 10 and Techstream work perfectly fine on my car.  I installed the drivers and software onto a newer laptop with new drivers and their provided 15 series software and all features including the “customize” function worked flawlessly. I have successfully cleared the electronic parking brake malfunction.  It’s perfect. The EPB is working now.
I also used it for programming a new key fob of my wife’s 2013 RX and to disable auto steering wheel tilting for another 2017 RX with no issue.
Vxdiag Techstream 2019 Rx350 Epb Reset 1 Vxdiag Techstream 2019 Rx350 Epb Reset 2