How to Use the Mercedes Benz WIS online?

Here is the guide on using this Mercedes Benz WIS online (workshop repair manuals). We hope it can help some people.



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Use Benz Wis Online 1

First of all, we choose its type: (example Class E W210)

Use Benz Wis Online 2
Then, its engine: (example 320 CDI M613.961)

Use Benz Wis Online 3

Then, we choose the section that interests us: (example, the air supply part with turbo [9])

We take the opportunity to select the language (on the menu at the top of the page) It’s easier to understand.

Use Benz Wis Online 4

Then, the subsection: (example the turbocharger)

Use Benz Wis Online 5

And finally, we specify: (example, removal, installation of the exhaust gas turbocharger)

We arrive at the desired file:

Use Benz Wis Online 6

We even have the possibility to access, as we go, to shortcuts for intermediate stages in the procedure: (example: remove, install the lower parts of the soundproofing fairing)

Use Benz Wis Online 7