VXDIAG VX Manager Offline cannot Renew License Solution


VXDIAG asks to renew license in vx manager. However, it won’t let me install driver and renew license because VX Manager is in Offline status.  How to fix it?

Vxdiag Vx Manager Offline 1



Vxdiag Vx Manager Offline 2

Go to Control Panel – Network connection -Ethernet connection

Vxdiag Vx Manager Offline 3

Double click Ethernet connection
Go to PropertiesInterner Protocol 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Vxdiag Vx Manager Offline 4

Manually change DNS IP to and save the setting.

If vx manage still shows offline status,  change another network connection and try again.

If still nor working, try customer solution 2 here:
(We are not holding the responsibility of damage if using this solution)