VXDIAG VAG 8.2.0 9.1.0 Software No European Cars Solution

The vxdia vcx se 6154 O-D-I-S 8.2.0 software part only seems to have American cars in its sorting. An error occurred during automatic vehicle identification.
Is it possible to add European models too?

Error images attached:

Vxdiag Odis No Eu Cars 1
Odis No Europe Cars Solution 1 Odis No Europe Cars Solution 2 Odis No Europe Cars Solution 3


Open Tool folder on the desktop, check ‘ALL‘ folder

VXDIAG VAG 8.2.0/9.1.0 ‘ALL’ software folder contains these files:

all, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, MAN, Seat, Shanghai VW, Skoda, VW, VWC, yiqi VW programs

Vw Odis European Cars

same as 9.1.0 version

Vw Odis European Cars 2

If there is no “Tool” folder but “ALL” folder on the desktop, run “ALL’ folder directly and select EU software you desired.

Vxdiag Odis No Eu Cars

If need to troubleshoot European VAG models, you run VW, Audi, Skoda programs separately instead of ‘all’

Run ‘all’ software if you want to diagnose VAG cars from other regions.  ‘all’ program contains major vag models.

Check 8.2.0 software information in the previous post here

VW Audi Service 8.2.0 + Engineering 13.0.0 for Windows 10