Ford F150 GWM Update with VXDIAG VCX NANO & FDRS

I was told this one (the vxdiag vcx nano Ford J2534) works perfectly.  People did all their updates and were very happy.

Vxdiag Ford F150 Ota Update 1

I used it with Ford FDRS tool and and 2-day non-dealer license.

For the tool itself, you will need to install the VX Manager that can be downloaded from here. Once you install it MAKE SURE you set it up as J2534 pass-through device, not as Fords VCMII! After that FDRS tool will recognize it just fine.

It worked perfectly. I have flashed all my modules with this set up, including the GWM, IPMA modules.

This device works, just need to really pay attention how you set it up.

Also (VERY IMPORTANT), make sure you have a solid battery charger/maintainer connected to your truck, the last thing you would want is the battery die on you while flashing your modules. This is especially true for IPMA module flashing which takes almost 3 hours to complete.

That being said there’s always one thing: the app developers were smart enough to know that I was using a VirtualBox VM (which to be honest could be easily cloned and added to other PCs). I wasn’t even mad; I was impressed. That being said a normal install of Win10 and just the driver package for the vcx nano got me where I needed to be.

The modules I updated today were all Key On; Engine Off. FDRS tells you how to manage the battery (including telling to attach to a battery tender).
For GWM, it should be the same procedure as APIM. Ignition OFF. Open driver door and close. DO NOT REMOVE THE FLASHDRIVE. Wait 10 minutes. Ignition ON. Wait couple of minutes until SYNC screen informs you that update was successfull. Remove the flash drive.

Vxdiag Ford F150 Ota Update 2

NOTE: The gateway module (GWM) must be at the latest software level before the APIM update can be performed.


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Ford F150 2021 APIM Update with VXDIAG and FDRS