VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Review on 2003 Yukon XL

I got the USB version vxdiag vcx nano GM interface, should have gotten the WiFi Version, and still saved $10.00

Straight up, do your homework! (These Folks do have a website, www.vxdiag.net, which has a ton of info. as well as some of the Newer Versions of the VX Manger, which you do need. However, it can update on itself)

Actually, this Unit, does what it stated, minus Tisweb. From a good tablet, a laptop, or drag the Desktop out to where you are working… Gives you a complete, OEM, solution to, the famous Tech2, right in your hands.

I have installed the software.  I do still get some error, regarding MDI But the Tech2Win, works asif should.

Now, In my case, Have ’03 Yukon XL, Had issues the HVAC system…. Was not going to ejust start replacing parts (waste of $$$, and still not find or fix the issue at hand)…. I used this, with my Laptop, (which I am not looking for a Good Tablet, that can run windows…)

After Firing up the Laptop, then plug this tool in, Bam… I have Tech2Win, running, right here in front of me. It is a bit different then using the Actula Tech2, (meaning Instead of holding it in my hands, and touching buttons, I use a mouse, while looking at the screen) Now, I went through the Program, and was able to “Test” every Module in the Front HVAC… it was the Door Module. Which I did happen to already purchased. In a very short time, I had this working right!!!

Love the fact it actually does run an updated/cracked Version of the Tech2win!
A tool, you will need, in just about every GM car/truck built after 2000!!! Plus, you get all the OEM codes, you do not get in ANY OBDII tool off the shelf! Have not had to update any Modules, (PTM, ECU etc…)

just to test this… I had even used this on a 2013 GMC, and yes, GDS2 works as it should too!!!