VXDIAG Subaru SSM3 Fixed 2015 Outback SRVD Issue

I bought the VXDIAG for Subaru. I have a 2015 Outback which had thrown a code regarding the Subaru Rear/Side Vehicle Detection (SRVD) System. My plan was to try to clear the code and potentially run the radar calibration process if necessary.

Using the process described in the SubaruOutback.org forum
https://www.subaruoutback.org/threads/srvd-disabled-fixed-and-dont-trust-the-dealer.500049/ )
I was able to clear the code without needing a recalibration.

 After the SRVD disabled, I pulled the bumper cover to see of there was any physical damage. None. I went on Google and did a search for 87611AL00A (Subaru part number for the RADAR units) and found that 87611AL01A or 87611AL03A was a replacement. A place on Ebay had two of the 87611AL01A units from the same car which I bought for $60 each (it was hard to refuse a money-back guarantee). With the bumper cover still removed, installation and testing was simple. The replacement parts worked perfectly. I was so happy not have to do an alignment per above. I also bought all new bumper clips from an on-line Subaru parts place. Most of the old clips were damaged during removal.

The reason the car is on jacks and the tires removed was because this car has factory mud flaps which were difficult to remove with the tires in place. Having the tires off also made seeing what needed to be done to remove the bumper cover easier.

Things to note: 
A) A more recent version of the VXManager (ver 1.6.2) software is available at the AllScanner site .

B) Some types of system diagnostics only work if the ignition is in either accessory mode or the car is running. I found that this applies to the Radar diagnostics and calibration processes only.

C) The default password for the Wifi on the device is 12345678