Does VXDIAG Benz C6 Support Working on Mercedes K-lines?

As titled, we have a customer asking if the vxdiag benz C6 support working on K lines?


C6/VCX SE Benz DAS is good for Mercedes 2005 onwards.  Need luck on some old K-line Mercedes.


Customer working experience:



I recently bought VXDIAG C6 unit. I have Xentry 3/2021, installed VX manager, Benz drivers and everything that was needed to start it up. And now I have working Xentry. Everything works like a charm, it’s quite fast, automatic recognition works ok. 
Vediamo still not working, but that’s not really an issue, because DTS Monaco is working good with it. So I can flash and code everything, don’t need Vediamo at all.
The problem I have is DAS. When I start Xentry, choose the older Mercedes (I have W163 at the workshop right now), DAS is starting ok, I choose the basic info about a car, so in this case it’s Left hand drive, Diesel, ML 270, then it’s trying to connect but in a short time gives multiplexer initialization error. That’s when I use WiFi connection. When I connect LAN or USB cable, I don’t get the error, but it’s stuck on “connection in progress” window. The connection animation is constantly playing, I left it for almost and hour and nothing happened.



2. I was partially able to make the connection. Using the ML W163 that I have at workshop, I tested various options, and finally got to establish connection. Still, VXdiag C6 can only connect to K-line on OBD pin 7. In case of mentioned W163, I was able to connect only to Engine ECU. For other modules, I would need to make adapter, that would route other K-line wires to VXdiag OBD pin 7. To avoid doing that, I’m going to configure DAS to use scanmatik 2 interface. It should be capable of switching between various K-line pins in OBD connector.


For K-line Mercedes, MB Star SD C4/C5 is a better choice. contact us if interested