Will the VXDIAG VCX Nano GM Tech2win Work on 1999 Camaro z28 / ls1?


will the vxdiag vcx nano gm work for my 1999 camaro z28 / ls1?   I see people on corvette forums using it for their 1999 corvettes. I need the cheapest possible solution to scan and troubleshoot all of the modules on my car, and reflash with stock files (I don’t necessarily need to tune anything though this would be a cool option to have) but I don’t want to spend over $250 including any licenses and the vxdiag nano pro seems to come with cracked oem software already?



It will work. And our customers have even flashed the vcm with it using ac delco sp online software. You can scan the vcm, airbag, srs and ipc codes with vcx nano tech2win. If uses emulated tech2 software but it can also emulate the mdi and mdi2 bit. Hope this helps!

If you just do GMs, you don’t need the nano pro, just vcx nano for gm around $110.