Possible to Program 2007 Subaru Outback ECU with VXDIAG SSM3?


I’m trying to reprogram my ecu on 2007 subaru outback with vxdiag subaru ssm3, and after i go next on the page that says -make sure ignition in on -usb cable plugged in , i click next and error pops up saying my SID needs to be updated .. what is that and how do i fix that ?
And I can’t find the product password for SSM4
when I go to open the ssm3 it shows me error code saying: (the SSM-III cannot be started because the ssm4 is not activated. Activate the ssm4 to start the SSM 3)


VXDIAGSHOP solution:

1).  VXDIAG Subaru supports ecu programming function.  If ssm3 pops up error “SID needs to be updated” or related error “Can’t find flash2 file“, it indicators that the it missing programming file.

We don’t provide reprogramming files. You are required to obtain programming file yourself.


2). If you cannot start SSM III software, because the SSM4 is not activated and patch not installed.

Install SSM4 and Patch as well. Besides, you cannot enter from SSM4 nor running SSM 4 software. Because VXDIAG is not compatible with SSM4 software.  DO always running SSM3.

Check How to install VXDIAG Subaru SSM III V2018.10 software?