Free Download VMware Player 6.0.6 for VXDIAG Scanners

VXDIAGSHOP here provides VMware Player 6.0.6 download free in case someone needs it.!dEU3GApQ!WgKNuv3G691mGf8_lxZ9HLEeNmAHUJqIB3DCnKfTq5U



What VXDIAG scanner software required to be loaded on virtual machine?

Older Ford IDS software i.e, IDS v86, IDS v95, IDS v98.  You can easily use Ford IDS and Mazda IDS in one PC with VMware.

Older VXDIAG GM GDS2, i.e GDS2 v2016-10, GDS2 v2018-01



Newer IDS V112 or above, newer GDS 2019.02 or above can be installed on native machine without VMware now. 


All old and new vxdiag software can be download free here:



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