VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford IDS V112 verified working on Windows 8 (Native Install)

VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford IDS v112 is verified working without issue on Windows 8 system. Check new feedback from our Spanish customer.


Software version: Ford IDS V112.01

Model tested: Ford Ranger 2002MY 2.3L manual

Operating system: Windows 8

Installation: native install without VMware.  I came across a runtime system error during first installation. Then I installed & run IDS 112 from patch as told by vxdiagshop customer service. Problem solved!!!

Run software without issue.  It allows to access to different models and reset fault codes. Cannot wait to test more functions.

Photo attached:

vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-1 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-2 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-3 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-4 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-5 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-6 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-7 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-8 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-9 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-10 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-11 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-12 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-13 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-14 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-15 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-16 vxdiag-ford-ids-v112-win8-17