3 Tips to use VXDIAG Subaru Multi Tool SSM3 Scanner

My vxdiag Subaru VCI is an alternative to expensive dealer tools. 

It works with SSM3. Exactly what I needed being a weekend Subaru mechanic. I haven’t used it with SSM4 yet. This will also work with other manufacturers as long as you have their specific program installed. Here are some tips to use the scanner:

1.) After connection to the PC you need to restart the VXDiag at least once and keep hitting the “reconnect” button multiple times before the VX Manager will recognize the device is plugged in.

2.) The SSM3 software requires you to roll back your computer’s date. It worked fine without the date change until about a month ago when it gave me an error message that SSM4 required activation before SSM3 could be launched. I reinstalled the software, reformatted my computer, and reinstalled the patch provided with no luck. I was about to pack it up and send it back when I decided to roll back my computer date to last year, worked like a charm. That being said, unless VX comes out with an update, don’t use this on your everyday laptop, especially with internet because your browser needs an accurate date to function. I have a dedicated Panasonic Toughbook in my shop that I use for this, so not a big deal.

3.)  You can program key fobs on 05+ Subarus, but cannot program new keys to the immobilizer without a Subaru specific code, which requires internet, a dealer code, and an active STIS subscription to obtain. Don’t expect to program a new key with this, or any other solution that promises to program Subaru keys on 05+ without dealer intervention.

Overall, if you work on Subaru’s a lot or specialize in Subaru repair at your shop, this is the best tool without having to spend thousands on a dealer solution. With the issues I experienced above, I will be reaching out to the manufacturer for guidance and will update accordingly.