VXDIAG Subaru Program 2017 XV TPMS: Confirmed

Using VXDIAG SUBARU SSM3 SSM4, we can program TPMS. Because I have 2 wheel sets, so when the summer comes I don’t know how to deal with summer wheels, since the closest dealer is 350km away.


I was looking for an alternative to VXDIAG, because I tried to order this for my 2017 XV, but there is only shipping from China, which costs more than the device itself… Later I haven’t found any alternatives. The factory tool costs thousands. The VxDiag is far from perfect but it helped me out, Plus shipping, the price is $289 from vxdiagshop.com (Item No. HKVX05-W VxDiag hardware with latest software version V2020.7).


Finally, I bought Vxdiag Subaru hardware with software and received it, … did everything according to instructions, I can see the connection, all LEDs on diag are glowing.

Subaru 01


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