Techstream Helped Solve Toyota LX200 Seat Heater Malfunctioning

I believe Toyota Techstream software can see what all the sensors are reading.  I need to troubleshoot a seat heater malfunction on my Land Cruiser LX200.


Alright, Techstream cable arrived.  I’d get the newer VXDiag VCX Nano Toyota cable. You can buy it from their website ( if that feels safer. The reports are that it’s much faster and can do more things within TechStream. They send a newer version of Techstream, not that the newer version will buy you anything. I suggest trying this one because using Techstream with the J2534 adapter takes quite a bit of patience.


I was able to diagnose a seat heater malfunction to a faulty sensor. It turned out the sensor had been unplugged by the previous owner/dealer in the seat. Techstream was able to tell me specifically that the temp sensor in the driver’s seat was malfunctioning.

I have been able to program Key fobs and diagnose systems with it for everything I’ve needed so far.

For anyone looking to buy, I highly recommend the vxdiag cable instead. Those cheap Chinese mini vci cables are fine for some functions, but won’t do others (tire sensor reprogram, etc.).