VXDIAG Honda vs. Honda HIM Clone

Question: How to choose an affordable Honda diagnostic scanner then you can easily and quickly determine the cause of the check engine light in my car? I am considering vxdiag and the HIM clone with double-board?


Comparison and Suggestion:

Affected VXDIAG Honda Scanners:

VXDIAG VCX SE Pro with optional 3 car software incl. HDS

VXDIAG VCX SE Full with HDS license

VXDIAG VCX DoIP full with HDS license


VXDIAG VCX Plus TOYOTA HONDA Land Rover Jaguar 3 in 1


Operating system:

HDS for HIM better loaded on Win7, some tested Win10 success well

VXDIAG Honda Win7 Win8 Win10 all testing working no issue



VXDIAG Honda latest software comes to V3.103.048, multi-language, Free software updates

Software including

  • H-D-S
  • Honda Extension 
  • i-H-D-S 1.005.028
  • Immobilizer Setup Tool
  • J2534Rewrite with calibration files 

Hds Vxdiag Software

HIM currently use H-D-S software version V3.103.066,, multi-language , Free software updates

HIM H-D-S does not contain i-H-D-S and J2534 Rewite program. 

i-HD-S is used for newer >2017 and more. so VXDIAG will work on both new and old Honda.
HD-S can’t access new Honda IMMO anymore. You will need i-HD-S installed.
The J2534 Rewrite software is meant for the North American market. The Rewrite software allows to update powertrain models such as PCM and TCM.


A subscription to the i-HD-S and J2534 pass-thru device (i.e vxdiag) can access more functions

  • J2534 ECU Reprogramming
  • ADAS calibration
  • TPMS calibration
  • Function Tests
  • SRS Deployment Status
  • etc



they perform same functions, full system diagnostic, live data, Special functions – changing of permissible settings of blocks, programming etc.

VXDIAG Honda can do ECU reprogramming and IMMO key programming with i-HD-S subscription.




If you are a DIYer or a Honda car owner, surely HIM clone is your choice. The biggest advantage of vxdiag Honda is that you are allowed to add multi-brand software into one single device, Benz xentry, BMW ISTA, Toyota TIS, JLR SDD, GM GDS2/T2W, Subaru SSM. VXDIAG Honda is your best choice if you are a professional technician.