VXDIAG VCX SE Full Laptop Issue Solution

I got the vxdiag vcx se with 2TB Hard drive a week ago. 2TB hard drive works fine on my second-hand Lenovo laptop off ebay.

2tb hdd refused to work yesterday.  I contact vxdiagshop.com where i bought the device. They have checked the vcx se device, vx manager and hard drive for me via Teamviewer.

All without problem. They said the problem might be the laptop which reminds me it is old enough.


Finally i got it working again.

I have done this. The RAM chip does not function. They are corroded and no longer good

Replace Laptop Chip 1

Replace Laptop Chip 2

I replaced the chips with new chips. It boots normally now I will continue testing.

Replace Laptop Chip 3


VXDIAG VCX SE Full with 2TB HDD and Lenovo T410 Laptop