VXDIAG VCX NANO Tech2win Review on a 2006 GMC Yukon

I used a Tech2win in conjunction with a VXDIAG VCX NANO GM device I bought off vxdiagshop to perform diagnosis and it seems to be working fine now.

Reason to prefer the VXDIAG to the Tech2 is, that I have a workshop PC and the VXDIAG is supposed to run newer vehicles as well.

This is basically the tech2 software but for a pc. I run mine on a linux laptop, using Wire. Was plug and play except I needed a driver file which was easy too. Threw winders out many years ago and never regretted it. That laptop started as a win10 wally world cheap. $288 Lenovo 330 if I remember right. Wiped it and installed MX-19. I have several(5) auto diagnostics on that laptop and no interference between them. Way happy about how it worked.

I usually plug it in first to see what it recognizes on each vehicle, sometimes it’s a switch to a different program. Way faster than my friend’s $1500 snapon.

And vxdiagshop sends a CD (for vx manager driver) and has a download site. After 2008 I think some GMs began needing the GM subscription to program by VIN. About $80.

This tool works great on this laptop and it can talk to all the different modules diagnosing problems and also able to activate inputs/ outputs, reset and recalibrate various vehicle sensors through the software provided. I have bought several different scanners and none can do a fraction of what this is capable of. This is definitely the best tool I have in my toolbox and this tool was definitely worth every penny (and then some).

Been using mine over a year, on many different vehicles, definitely paid for itself.

And the snapon guy is full of all kinds of it whenever he thinks he’s getting $50 a month on top of $1500+ for a used scanner.