Free Download Ford Mazda IDS V114.01 for VXDIAG VCX NANO

Good news!!! Latest version Ford and Mazda IDS V114.01 is verified working no issue with vxdiag series scanners, including vxdiag vcx nano, vcx pro and vcx plus.


Software version:

Ford IDS V114.01

Mazda IDS V114.01

Operating system: Windows 7 is recommended  (native install)

1. Computer has at least 4GB Memory
2. Computer need produced after 2000 year, too old computer can not run the software.

Multi-languages: English,German, French, Italian, Dutch,Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Danish,Norwegian, Portuguese



Free Download VXDIAG Ford IDS V114.01!EpoUnSgL!2my58LmoP1ljhKagIqEDTA

Free Download VXDIAG Mazda IDS V114.01!AtgDTQpK!75YJKyupVlz4aJwCsjE7Rw

Ford and Mazda patch!AooiHQrR!WsDPAmflZTrFsaKmLT7G8w

To perform Ford programming, you need to install IDS programming patch as well.!gREkDChZ!7Yo8_ks39I0Wr6-k8nspZauR6qMqvdfcqeHlR60GMxc


VXDIAG Ford V114.01 latest review:

Ordered the VCX NANO (sp239-w) Wi-Fi for my 2016 Ford Focus 1.5l 182hp and 2007 Ford Fiesta 1.4l 16v. It came within two weeks. It came with IDS 114 cd’s for Ford and Mazda.
Followed the provided instructions to install the Ford IDS 114 software. This VCX Nano works perfect with IDS 114. 

It reads all modules of the 2016 Focus and 2007 Fiesta. I could change the options that are editable on both cars. I did not dare to update the software of the modules of my Focus, but i did a online update of the GEM module of my Fiesta as the PCM and ABS were already to the latest version.
This adapter works also with Forscan.
Did not test the WiFi option of the adapter.
To activativate online programing, you have to run the programing patch first otherwise you will be only able to program with files saved locally and not directly from Ford / Motorcraft servers.

All in all happy with the purchase, it works as advertised as long as you get the software installation right.
Thanks to the VXdiagshop team.