How to Swap Colorado Seats with VXDIAG VCX NANO GM


upgrade Z71 seats to a WT base of a 2016 Chevrolet Colorado WT


Device to use:

vxdiag vcx nano for gm usb version


Swapped the seats (power all plug-n-play) but got SRS error. After loading codes with GDS2, I found out that the salvage seats had the buckle loops deployed (not the airbags though). Easy fix, just swap the buckle latches and the shoulder strap latches (which is where the crash switches are in a chrome cylinder) from my WT seats. Okay so now the errors are gone and now we can relearn the SRS module with the GDS2. That cleared all my issues up. No more airbag light.

Tech2 – My system ran Tech2 (for 2003 chevrolet avalanche) under Windows 10 64-bit just fine. Verified output control with it.
GDS2 – It would only talk to the Nano but not to the truck under Windows 10 physical machine. It even showed the 12.7 VDC when connecting to the OBDII port. It did however let TIS2 web to use the nano as a pass-through in the physical machine. The only way I could talk through the GDS2 was through the Virtual Player VM player. I found a version 7.XX copy online. Then I downloaded the version from VXDIAG’s site. Ran the virtual player and voila it would run.  I’m just expressing how I had to do it. Also the latest VM player had issues with my I-7 processor that was in my laptop, which is why I used the earlier version. Laptop: HP Elite book windows 10 i-7 processor with 8 gigs of ram.

For the 100 bucks, I’t is definitely worth it. Just don’t get frustrated and read as many reviews as possible. I found more reviews on the VXDIAG site.

My next step is to download an upgrade for the foglights through TIS2, which will alone pay for this module. I did have to get a $40 2 year license for the colorado from acdelco TDS.