Program Ford Expedition 05 Key Fob with VXDIAG & Forscan

Ford Expedition 2nd Generation key fob programming experience shared by one of our customers:


My wife purchased (2) keys online for our 2005 Expedition. She just went in today and tried to get them cut and programmed at the local dealer. We only have 1 original key. Well they cut the key but said they were unable to program the keys because they each were missing the engine or ignition chip.

She said the door can lock and the tailgate opens with the newly programmed keys but it will not start the truck because these “chips” are missing. Unless there is a way to fix them.


Possible to buy the missing chips and have them programmed?


Yes,  This may be an option for you if you can find the chips. The Strattec SA 80bit keys are only about $30 a pair.

Looked on eBay and find proper chips. Buy the chips, inserted into the holes and you are able to program the keys.

Look up your Ford key part number at and finding a seller (ebay, etc) to get the OEM Ford keys seems to work out well.

Expedition 80 Bit Key
My first encounter with Ford PATS keys resulted in me refusing to pay the Ford stealer $175 just to program a pair of customer supplied keys or $140 each if they supplied the keys.
I purchased a pair of Stratec keys for $30, a VXDiag VCX Nano Ford IDS OBD2 interface for $115 and used the free Forscan software to program the keys into my 2nd gen Expedition, no problems. This saved a lot over going to the stealer and now I have the tools to diagnose any issues that may pop up with the truck. A local locksmith cut my 2 keys for $1.50 each.