VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford IDS Windows 7 Review on Lincoln MKT

Here’s another customer review on VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford IDS:

Awesome. Now I have Ford dealer level diagnostic and programming capability for my 2010 Lincoln MKT. Was able to read codes, do some diagnostic functions, and program a new smart key for my MKT. Haven’t delved into the module programming yet. I am running this on an ancient Dell D630 laptop running Win7 32 bit. It’s a bit of a PITA to get this installed and operating. Here’s what I did:

Changed the time zone on my computer to Beijing time zone (not sure if this is necessary or not)
Installed a copy of VMWare Player
Copied the contents of the CD to my computer desktop
Opened VMWare and created a new virtual machine, selecting the VM file that I transferred to my desktop (largest file in the folder)
Edit virtual machine settings to increase RAM usage to 2gb (it runs very slow with any less)
Play virtual machine file (mine was FORD IDS V107 EN)
Connect the VCX Nano via USB cable
When the VM opens, click “Player” in the top left of the window and scroll down to removable devices
My adapter was called “Future Devices USB Serial Converter” in the window
Click Connect (Disconnect from Host)
Wait for the Virtual Machine to load
Plug the adapter into your car
Click IDS in the virtual machine window and connect to your vehicle
You’re in!

Make sure to watch some videos or read about IDS functions so you don’t break anything as this software has the capability to erase and reprogram modules. Now you never have to pay Ford to diagnose your car again! This is cheaper than one hour of diag time at the dealer.