Review on VXDIAG VCX Plus 4 in 1 with WiFi for Honda JLR Ford Mazda

Here are real customer feedbacks on VXDIAG VCX PLUS MULTI Diagnostic Tool for FORD/MAZDA/HONDA/JLR 4 in 1.


Review 1:

So far I’ve used it to read codes and current data in HVAC, instrument cluster, ECU, brakes. Change customization on integrated unit (manual to auto a/c after I did a swap). Will probably be testing the immobilizer soon.
As far as the hardware goes it feels very solid and comes with a nice storage case.



Review 2:

This one works very well, stable and fully functional. I paid for the Toyota license as well. I was able to get in every system on Honda and Toyota and just flashed my Toyota Camry V6 2009 TCM (transmission) with new calibration successfully. Dealer would not do it as car is out of warranty, so I had no choice. One thing to remember – after you reprogram the unit, you need to erase any error codes as some would be present because of unit would be taken offline during an update, so it is expected and clear DTS after an update would take care of those silly errors.


Review 3:

Works so amazing. Wifi function works great as well as usb. The included multi programs works perfect IF YOU FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.
Review 4:
works well on Ford and Honda. reprogram and update modules software without any problems.