How to Activate Audi S/RS Virtual Cockpit Sport Layout by ODIS?

Here we share a tutorial on Audi Virtual Cockpit Sport Layout Activation. It is only available for S models and RS models.

Credit to PopDog from MHHAUTO.

A sample photo

Audi Virtual Cockpit

Depending on the engine, the display also looks different.

What is needed:
ODIS-E 12.2 or higher
VAS5054A or VAS6154A or VXDIAG VCX SE 6154
An Audi model (A3 8V, A4 B9, A5 F5, Q5 FY, Q7 4M, TT 8S) up to 2019 (Gen1 VC)
Virtual Cockpit Version 1 with at least SW 0300(for A4, A5, Q5 and Q7) or highest possible update. (Updates are available on the net)
No errors should be stored in the ECU 17. Delete or fix them beforehand.
The lap in control unit 17 via the long coding > byte 01 > bit 3 to 1 must be activated beforehand.

Limitations / Errors:
No errors are stored in the error memory as a result of the change.
No mileage manipulation (checksum error) or other errors like this will be shown with this solution. Everything original.

The Boost feature (below left) is known to be non-functional. This has something to do with the engine or the engine control unit.
There is no A-Sport layout. Only the S and RS Sport layouts exist. If you use the A-layout (classic), the S sport layout will be shown when you change the layout to the sport layout. In order to change the Sport layout in RS, the coding must be changed for this.

A layout and S sport layout
S layout and S sport layout
RS layout and RS Sport layout

Recommended guide:
We recommend the instructions with macro script, as this can be carried out easily and also safely against incorrect entries.

1. Download the attachment, unzip it and save the file called “” in Odis under:
C:/ProgramData/Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Engineering/macros/ or C:/ProgramData/OE/macros/  (depends on ODIS-E Version, since 15.0 it should be OE)

With default windows setting, you will not find the C:\ProgramData folder in Windows Explorer. To open it, you have to paste C:\ProgramData in the Windows Explorer Address Bar and press enter. Then you can search the right ODIS-E folder and can go into the macros folder to extract / save the file into this folder.

2. The car only has to be on ignition (do not leave the engine running!) and open the bonnet if necessary.
3. Start ODIS-E 12.2
4. Connect Odis-E and VAS5054A/VAS6154A/VXDIAG VCX SE to car and open an engineer session / with the right project for your car.
5. Select macros on right side and select the file “” and press play.
6. The display restarts and the Layout should now be changable.
7. Delete all error memories. (Is normal because VC was restarted).

Hope it helps.