VXDIAG VCX NANO Tech2win Review on Saturn

I was unhappy with the lack of data available through torque pro. Biggest complaint is lack of evap sensor data.
Picked up a vxdiag vcx nano gm (gm tech2win clone), works great on my Saturn third gen s series. Was able to diagnose my P0446 as a bad fuel tank pressure sensor, and was able to program the BCM to new FOBs.

RKE fobs from ebay:
Saturn Key
The vcx nano comes with what I believe to be a cracked version of GM tech2win. I’m sure your supposed to pay the monthly subscription to the GM gods. Windows defender thinks it’s a virus, probably is. If you don’t have internet it crashes every 10 minutes or so, have to be running the VxManager software for Tech2Win to work. It comes with a generic writable 4.2gb cd, has a “this is definitely going to give me computer aids vibe” floral pattern. Great instructions on it for getting all the software configured.
The Tech2Win software is incredibly intuitive, well polished for being a Tech2 emulator from the 90s.
Saturn is so special they get their own category.
So far, so good! VCX Nano has paid for itself.
Vxdiag Vcx Nano Saturn