VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Techline Connect Crashes Solution

Here are the possible solutions to vxdiag vcx nano gm SPS2 Techline Connect program crashes problem


The problem goes like this:

Need to relearn the vin number in a navigation radio on a 2011 cadillac cts.

I get these errors right after selecting the vxdiag as device type

Techline Connect Shut Down 1  Vxdiag Sps Techline Connect Crash 3

Selecting MDI or MDI 2 at the list does not recognize the vcx nano.

I can get as far as the screen right after selecting programming for the radio and it crashes
It always crashes right after the module selection screen.


Possible solutions:

1.Renew license and update firmware on vx manager. Don’t forget to connect device with vehicle. If vx manager shows no voltage (as he did), there is no communication between device and vehicle.

Vxdiag Sps Techline Connect Crash 1

2. Don’t install vx manager and software on Windows 10 Home edition system.

3. Install vx manager and GDS2/tech2win on separate laptops. Install passthru driver only on the laptop that installs vx manager.

Fresh install Techline Connect Program
1 load passthru
2 passthrough vxdiag load
3 launch techline from acdelco sp2 hotlink

Follow solution here.

How to Set up the VXDIAG VCX NANO GM with Techline Connect SPS2?