VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota Cannot Connect to Prado 2008??

My vxdiag vcx nano toyota techstream cannot connect with a Prado 2008 model year-engine code: 2TR-FE.
Here’s the procedure:
Vxdiag Toyota Prado 2008 01

The vehicle is imported from Japan.

Start engine, connect vxdiag vcx nano Toyota via WiFi
The vx manager detected the vcx

Vxdiag Toyota Prado 2008 02

Go to VIM select and choose VXDIAG Toyota VCI

Run Techstream, connect to vehicle, vxdiag cannot connect to car nor detect vehicle information

Vxdiag Toyota Prado 2008 03

Vxdiag Toyota Prado 2008 04

Also tried manual vehicle select, vxdiag still cannot detect vehicle

Vxdiag Toyota Prado 2008 05

For older Toyota models, you need to manual select vehicle information.
Don’t use Auto vehicle selection.