Toyota Scanner VXDIAG VCX NANO or Mongoose Pro?

How to choose a Toyota diagnostic system?

There are three types of diagnostic tools for a car

– At the dealer for money
– Using cheap connectors like ELM327
– Copies of dealer cables + crack dealer program


Option 1 is used as a last resort (and even then the qualifications of the OD diagnostician do not always meet expectations)

Option 2 is rejected because although the device shows errors and even resets them, but still for different brands of cars there are errors and their own decoding and a bunch of things.

Option 3 is the most convenient to have on hand.

Let’s dwell on option 3.

You need to have a desire, a bit straight arms, a card with money, the ability to competently use search queries via the Internet and a laptop

For TOYOTA-LEXUS there is a diagnostic software- Toyota TechStream

Since we have Toyota, we find Toyota TechStream crack on the Internet, there are crack ones without an activation key.

And the cable itself. Native Mongoose cable costs about 500 $, which is expensive for home use. Therefore, after reading a bunch of forums, I found for myself VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA for more than 80.

Having installed the program, activated it, installed the drivers for the interface, and made the first launch of the program. Surprisingly, the program started without errors, even recognized the string. Easily hooked up to my car.

Showed me any errors and cleared them. And even (having an Internet connection) told me that for my ECU there is a new firmware (calibration) (which needs to be downloaded and installed).

To download the calibration, you must have access to the Toyota website

Americans, they are great, they sell access to calibrations for 50 in 2 days, during these 2 days you can independently flash a whole unit of Lexus and Toyota.

You can read about the program itself, its functionality and capabilities, by googling a little.

Below is a screenshot of the program on my machine, with errors and a suggestion to flash it.

Techstream Check Health Report
I will flash it myself after I fix the fuel system. It is great for the money.