VXDIAG, Tech2 or MDI for C6 Corvette

Which diagnostic scanner to buy for Chevrolet C6 Corvette (2003-2015)? Tech2 clone, MDI clone or VCX GM Nano?


GM Tech2 clone:


it just that and will do what the real Tech II will do. Hence diagnostics through the tool, and be be used for programming with either TIS2000 or AC Delco TDS with the tool set in pass through mode. The Tech II clone is not bad, and I use it some times when I have limited space in the car for fast work.


The downside right away, it does not work with the newer GDS2 software, so limits it use for cars older than 2013. Also,  the knock off DC to DC converter, which tends to burn itself out in a short time. Keep in mind that the Dc to DC converter is going to go south at some point, so plan on buying the better converter chip and replacing it at some point.



GM MDI clone:


blue box, and looks like the GM MDI.  The MDI clone is a copy of the GM MDI 1, not the MDI 2 that’s transfers data at a much faster rate. On the MDI 1 clones, they all have the serial number, and again, work just like the GM MDI.


The downside to the clone MDI, is that it really wants you to have a working account, since it does not have legacy drivers to step it back to work with say most of the cracked software like the Nano. So when using the MDI clone, you will be using real GM Software from the most part/limitations of the GM software without a working account.

the MDI clone will be the least desirable device the buy for C6.





Now on the VX GM Nano. Although its really just a mdi clone to start with, it does have the legacy type drives that allows it to run the cracked software that you would use with a Tech II. Hence the device will come with a cracked version of Tech2win that adds the needed tweaks To GM MDI that will allow you to use it with the cacked Tech2 , cracked VM TIS2000 that you will build a pass through driver, and then also works for VM GDS2, and AC Delco TDS (using it’s own VX drivers, and not the Bosch MDI/Tech II drivers that TDS will be offered that you do not want to install with the Nano device.

The VX GM Nano on the other hand, you do have to use the software for it on a laptop, but that’s not a bad thing for us older guys that wear cheater glasses to begin with. Now the real pro here, it works with Tech2win, Tis2000, GDS2 and acdelco TDS for all the vechial up to the current year. Plus, when you are running GDS2 with the shell having internet access for DTC’s, will bring up a internet page of better descriptions of the problem to help you trouble shoot the problem even faster.

Take it one step farther, A multi manufacturer platform VCX plus or vcx se pro can be bought that works with three different types of manufacturers. So if you have a GM, the wife has a Ford, and the kid has a Toyota, there is the multi platform nano’s that will work with all three cars, and comes with the needed software as well.


Software is pain to set up. But they do have installation video to follow.