VXDIAG VCX SE Subaru Setup Review on 2018 Outback

Here comes the unbaised review of the vxdiag vcx se subaru diagnostic scanner.

‘I purchased this unit to do one thing, register my H001SAL002 remote start installation on a 2018 Outback. It will only register via SSM3 and only under the Denso option when prompted, SSM4 will not present you the option to register the OEM remote start unit. After 2 weeks of messing around, I finally got everything to work correctly and got the remote starter activated. The cost was worth every penny, some mouthbreathing small brain tech wasn’t in my wife’s car butchering anything and now I have to ability to directly interact with the ECU as I should be.

When everything works correctly, it does exactly what it needs to do, one star lost for having to mess around with the software, VXdiag really needs to figure out a better process to make everything work correctly without tricks.
Vxdiag Vcx Se Subaru Review
Here are some steps to get everything working the first time:

1. Use a laptop that you don’t care if you have to reset it, in fact I encourage starting with a fresh flash, DO NOT use your daily tuning laptop! You will be disappointed if you do bad things to your computer and have to start over, you’ve been warned.

2. DISABLE WINDOWS DEFENDER!!! If you can’t do this, stop now and return this unit, DO NOT PROCEED. If you have a third party antivirus, turn it off. You only get one shot to do this right, DO NOT reboot the computer unless you have an exception setup for the patch.

3. Set your system clock to 1-1-2018, if you fail to do this, SSM4 will not install. If you change the clock later, SSM4 will lock you out and you have to reflash the system. If you dont do this, SSM4 wont even install and you need SSM4.

4. Only use the 2020.7 ISO, do not try to use the older 2018 build, it will work but will not work right.

5. ONLY install the programs from the Launcher, work from the bottom up

6. The Subaru.exe patch must be placed in and executed from c:\. If your system deletes it, you failed to follow instructions and should stop.

7. Install VXManager last, start it first.

8. Connect to the OBD interface, make sure the license updates before starting SSM3. Update SSM3 if needed before launching

9. Run Subaru SSM3 from the launcher only, it will not recognize the interface if you try to start it externally.

10. Try to scan the vehicle first, if you cant connect you wont be able to do anything else. If you made it this far you will be able to figure it out from here. Have fun.’


Credit to Mr.David Rist.